How to Cartoon Yourself?

How to cartoon yourselfThis is how to use our avatar maker to cartoon yourself for free: on the following site we show you how to create your own avatar with a video instruction. You only have to choose between its face, eyes, hair, clothes and even a background. Afterwards you are able to save it for example as a SVG (vector) or as PNG file. Create your own avatar now!

How to Cartoon Yourself step by step

1. Get some inspiration

We hook you up with thousands of highly professionally created templates. You won’t start from a blank canvas. We already help you with a blank setup.

2. Start to be creative

Cartoonify offers you nearly unlimited ways to personalize your cartoon. Leave free run to your creativity and chose between thousands of graphic parts and individualize your avatar. You only have to choose between face, eyes, hair, clothes and a background.

3. Save and share your personal avatar

Once you finished your creative process. Your custom avatar is ready to be saved by clicking on the save button. You can easily save it in different formats like PNG or even a SVG vector format.

4. Be proud of your result

Your avatar is ready to be shared on all major social platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch and more.